Beginning in earnest

Originally posted on 06-28-2010

Well… we’re not in Kansas anymore.

I don’t think you can remove that for STS… or that… or that… or.. no, definitely not that…


I recruited my brother to help tear things apart.


Don’t need these no mo’.


Hey! I can fund my D Prepared build now!


Good ol’ ST regs.


Stage 1 is complete. It still has a LONG way to go, but a lot of weight has come out. Between all the unnecessary wiring, all the glass, latches, door / hood / trunk structures, etc, there’s a lot of weight left yet. But, alas, here’s what we got done in 2 evenings worth of work:

Carpet 20.3 lbs
Trim 10 lbs
Door Panels 9 lbs
Seatbelts 6.2 lbs
Steering wheel / combo switch / airbag 10.2 lbs
Rain Rail 4 lbs
Top 36 lbs
Speakers 3.5 lbs
Dash 28.6 lbs
Assorted hardware 2 lbs
Center Console 3 lbs
Weather Stripping 7.3 lbs
Trim on rear deck 1.5 lbs
Headlights 1.5 lbs
Wipers & Motor 6.5 lbs
Front Crash Structure 8.7 lbs
Wheels & Tires 48 lbs
Seats 10.5 lbs
Total 216.8 lbs

It was in the 2025 lb range depending on fuel load, so I’m down to ~1810. Still need to drop about 100 lbs, but with all that’s left, I’m not REAL worried about that haha

Now as soon as my fabricator’s ready, it’ll be going off to him to have the roll bar fabbed up


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