Da hood

Originally posted on 04-19-2011

Tonight’s project:


Apart from running out of cutting wheels and killing a dremmel (so… 2 separate trips to walmart, about 3 minutes apart *facepalm*), that went fairly well.

These things are floppy as hell without any support under them, but I’m happy with the 5.5lb weight reduction.

IMG_20110419_113452ere it mounts to the stock headlight assembly over to mount to the hood, cut a couple notches in the roll-weld at the hood’s perimeter, and in the barn-door covers (as they have a flange that goes all the way around) to make for a flat mounting location. Make a few quick & dirty brackets, drill a few holes, and call it done. This is just with the 1st bracket mounted (my 1/4″ drill bit, er… bit the dust at 11:30 PM… fail), but basically there’s going to be another bracket on the “inside,” and this setup will be replicated on the passenger side.




Since the hood’s now skinned, it needs a couple bumpers to keep it sitting at the right height. $1.27 worth of 1/2″ tubing later…


It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough


And $2 or so worth of PVC pipe and a couple of glue-on fittings later, and I’ve got a multi-positional hood prop:
The “normal” position with the prop down in the hole between the bumper and the core support, resting on the bottom of the bumper. Very stable:


The “I really need to get to something on the back of the engine position” sitting on top of the core support:


Obligatory video from our last event. I finally beat Tom, by 0.5 sec, after a fun back-and-forth battle:


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