Doors & Cable Latch

Originally posted on 08-25-2010

Took 36 more lbs out of the car tonight. And now, it’s FINALLY starting to look like a prepared class car. It doesn’t officially become a Prepared class car until it’s got mismatched body panels. Also cut off the sail windows so it’ll be ready to go once we’re ready for the windshield to come out.

I got around to ordering / picking up the parts I needed for the inner door latches. The cable was very easy to find (Home Depot / Lowes hardware dept), but I wanted something fairly thin. It wasn’t going to be supporting any real load, so the lighter the better. I settled on 1/16″ cable. The problem there is finding cable clamps that small. Fortunately, McMaster Carr came to the rescue on that with some nice, stainless steel pieces. That said, small hardware = small fasteners, so I’m glad I had my “miniature combo wrench” set handy.

7/32″ wrench.


Attachment at the actual latch mechanism. Notice the actuator rod behind it: A set of stock outer door pulls were sourced from Mazmart and installed as well.


Attachment at the ‘hard point’ on the door. The little oval recess was already there from the factory, so I just drilled a hole through there to feed the cable, as it was an ideal location.


View of the completed system. Basically just push any direction on the cable and it pops the latch open.



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