Second event

Originally posted on 10-04-2010

The car is EFFING AMAZING! We beat out every fendered car there, and were only beaten by a Kart (that kid was amazing… holy crap). Anyway, Tom had the 2nd fastest time of day and I was 3rd (0.2 sec back). And we’re making 114 whp on a good day.

As far as speed gained per $ / time / effort invested, this project is a FREAKING bargain. The car is incredibly fun, and just stupid effing fast. And it was a serious power course yesterday, we ran just about the whole thing in 3rd gear. And it was mostly foot-to-the-floor for as long as you have the courage, and just work the steering wheel. Supercharged Elise? Beat. Corvettes? Beat. Turbo’d Miatas? Yep. And these are pro-class, national trophy winning folks… I’m pretty friggin pleased with that result.

My fast run, 55.0:

Tom’s fast run, 54.8 (2nd fast time of day):


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