Steering Wheel pt 1

Originally Posted 03-11-2010

The ISC Quick Release came in today. I’m a fan of the design, but the fit & finish leave a bit to be desired. I realize building a Prepared class car, not everything’s going to be bolt on, so a little fab work won’t kill me, but when something IS supposed to be bolt on, I usually expect it to be. I had to hog out a couple of the holes with a dremmel between the halves that mount the quick-release hex mount to the steering column adapter out because they weren’t drilled just right, but now they fit fine.

The other issue is the bolts that came with the Miata Cage steering wheel adapter aren’t the right thread pitch, so I’m going to have to go by the LowesDepot to pick up the right ones. I kinda wish the right ones were just included in with the adapter, but that’s not really anyone’s fault.

Anyway, pics of how it’ll all go together:

The splined adapter that fits onto the steering column splines, and the stock steering wheel bolt goes over that.


The hex adapter


The quick release


Steering Wheel adapter that mates the quick-release’s 3 bolt pattern to a Momo 6 bolt steering wheel


I’m fairly impressed with the design, as this is easily, by a long way, the slimmest steering wheel hub / adapter I’ve seen for the Miata. Most of them move the wheel up at least 3 or 4 inches, plus the depth of the quick release. This one’s only about 3/4 inch for the adapter, with the hex bit for the quick release welded right on top of it. The quick release has got like zero play in it that I can find (we’ll see how that works once the wheel’s on it, but like this, so far no issues). It’s a quality piece, it just needs those bolt holes between the steering column and hub adapters lined up properly. Hopefully it’s a 1 off issue, but it’s a data point.


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