Weight Loss Ideas

Originally posted on 02-23-2010

The easy stuff:
-The wheel / tire package will drop about 40 lb total (going from about a 35 lb combo with street tires to about a 25 lb combo with slicks) by itself.
-Gut the dash (eventually remove it and replace with a light ‘cover’)
-Remove all the audio equipment
-Pull the bumper supports
-Get the heavy ass stock-type battery out
-Pull the ballast off of the seats (5 lb total lol),
-The windshield surround
-Side and ‘sail’ glass
-Soft top
-The headlights, motors and hinges
-A lighter intake
-Gutting the tail lights to only keep the brake lights (Not a necessity, but if I want to track the car it would probably be for the best)
-Windshield washer bottle
-The carbon canister for the evap system (any reason should keep that?)
-Windshield wipers and motor
-Inner fender liners
-Turn signals and the side markers
-Trim the rear bumper
-Air bag & stock steering wheel, and airbag sensors / wiring / etc

The expensive / more difficult / diminishing returns stuff:
-Fuel tank (replace with a 5 gal fuel cell)
-Redoing the wiring harness, getting rid of much un-necessary wire
-lightweight shocks
-lighter, tubular control arms
-lighter spindles
-lighter calipers (wilwood maybe)


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