Originally posted on 10-18-2010

Dropped the car off at Boswell’s House of Awesome Mazdas & Goodtime Emporium a couple hours ago. She’s in good hands, Kevin has some really good ideas. IIRC at the house he had his P5, the CSP Miata, the Turbo miata, the Mercury Tracer / 323GTX AWD beastie, the LeMons MX3, and his work truck. And now my car. He was rearranging the cars to make space in the garage for mine when we pulled up. Jen took one look at all the cars out front and asked “Uh… is Kevin having a party?” lol

Also forgot to mention: as far as wiring going to the back: I’d like to keep the brake lights, fuel pump and fuel level sender wires. Everything else can come out. And if possible I’d like to do wire loom on that bundle because it tends to get stepped on a bit where it sits right now.

Stock ECU + wiring harness = 17-ish lbs.
MS Wiring harness going back in: 2 lbs
Megasquirt: 1-2 lbs
Intake + Air meter + Airbag sensors & Computer = about another 10-15 lbs worth of junk.

And it already looks SO much better








Megasquirt & ignitor mounting location:


HOLY PILE! You ever wonder how much wire a Miata can do without?


The awesome switch panel Kevin made up for the car. It will fit there between the uprights on the stock dash-bar, I just need to drill a couple holes and mount it up.



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