2012 Season planning

Originally posted on 03-26-2012

Another year another season! Even if she didn’t make the 1st event of the season, she got out and about this last weekend.

So with that, what are this season’s plans? They’re not many, but they should help.

1. Brakes. It’s an NA miata, which means the brakes are way forward biased. The “bandaid” for that leftover from when I was in STS is to run really aggressive pads in the rear and stockers up front. I’m going to try a couple of things, starting off with gutting the needle valve and spring from the stock proportioning valve, giving the car a straight 50/50 bias. I may end up needing to put similar front pads on after making THAT change, but getting more brake to the rear will be a good thing.

2. Stabilize the back of the car. It’s been a little skittish (which I don’t mind), but we run on a couple of sealed lots, including one that was recently sealed, that are fairly slick and I’m not getting enough weight transferred to the rear tires, causing it to be REALLY skittish. I think if I lower the rear springrates back down to the 450# springs (I’ve got 500s on there now) it will allow more weight transfer under power, and help settle it down in transition. That said, the tires we’re on are dead as hell, so I’m going to see how it acts with fresher rubber, but I think this may be the right way to go.

3. Newer tires. Those will be going on probably after the next event. They’re getting here in the middle of this week and I probably won’t have time to swap them before our 3rd event this weekend.

4. Fix this:


5. Gut the trunk. That thing is SO heavy and I’m about sick of it.

I guess I’ve got a handful more hood-pins in my future


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