2014: The year of the Kart (and fixing / upgrading my miata): Coolant re-route

Originally posted on: 02-20-2014

Well it’s been a while, but I’m finally tearing back into this and doing a bit of a refresh and taking care of some maintenance. Mazdaspeed Motorsports is the shiz as always, and is going to help a lot. My $150 shopping cart there would easily be triple using dealer prices.

The big items are: Transmission input shaft seal, and a full refresh of the cooling system. The Water pump & TB are pretty new, but just about everything else is getting cleaned up and replaced. I’m also installing a modified BEGi reroute while I’m at it. I got the kit used and most of the parts are for stock cars, so a lot of them are being eliminated. There are a few minor jobs here and there as well that’ll take place.

For now, step 1. While I had it out, I did a quick fix to prevent the throttle body screws from backing out (common on 1.6s at high RPMs). No pictures and the TB’s already back in, but… it’s done.


For the coolant system: As stated, I’m modifying a BEGi kit to use in my car, and removing a lot of the stock coolant hoses, including eliminating all of the heater core facilities. Done so far. -Eliminate the Throttle Body and Intake Manifold coolant hoses. Used 3/8″ bypass covers to cap them off. Probably not totally necessary, but I felt better doing that rather than having a bunch of open ports. -Cutting a Thermostat to keep coolant system pressure up, but eliminating a failure point for if the t-stat were to ever fail, as they fail closed. Sub-optimal. -Plug the heater core port on the BEGi spacer. -Install the rear spacer and thermostat housing. -Delete the stock front thermostat housing, install cover plate with facility for coolant fan temp switch.




To do: -Instead of using the cobbled together various hoses and tubes the BEGi kit comes with, I learned that you can use a Cadillac Escalade upper radiator hose that does the entire run from the rear thermostat housing to the upper radiator port. Ordered one from my local FLAPS, should be in tomorrow. -Replace the coolant cap at the back of the head, along with a couple others. I’m not using regular 3/8″ bypass covers for those, but the stock Mazda part as it’s specifically for coolant, which these will be seeing. 1 goes at the intake manifold, 1 for the stock coolant neck where it would go to the throttle body, and then the last one for the stock back-of-the-head location. -Order Water Wetter. Originally posted on: 02-25-2014 Coolant re-route easy button. 2002 Cadillac Escalade upper rad hose. It’ll need to be cut to fit once the engine and radiator are back in place. It’s kinked because I’m ‘hanging’ it off the throttle body to keep it off the ground, btw:


Don’t need these anymore…


Don’t need this anymore…


Don’t need that…


Or that…


And definitely not those…



Originally posted on: 04-01-2014 Probably not the prettiest thing I’ll ever make, but I fabbed up a quick & dirty blockoff plate for the air valve, and also capped off the PCV & IM nipple for the PCV. Used the stock bolts (which are not fully threaded) and ran a tap down to the head, then cut them to length.



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