2014: The year of the Kart: ECU & Battery Relocation

Originally posted on: 03-29-2014

Started relocating & stripping down the battery harness to move the battery to the passenger footwell. It’ll get that (little…) weight lower in the car, and also give me a handy place to house the ECU so that I won’t need to do zip-tie a grocery bag over it anymore to keep it dry in transit.

Had to get all this:


(yes, that’s zip ties holding lead down… emergency fix to keep us legal at Nats) To here, to strip the harness down:


Not sure yet if I want to mount it transverse (as shown), or laterally down the tunnel. Mounted like this, I can use the stock ECU cover studs as 2 tie down points for the box.


The “floor plan” is about as tight as I’m comfortable with for clearance between the battery and ECU, but it’s enough. It’ll fill in a lot more with the wiring for the main engine harness to the ECU, alternator to battery (via master kill switch), and kill switch to battery wiring in place. That gold bit on the floor of the box is 1 of the battery mounts, made from the battery mounts from the trunk (modified to fit the way I need them to), appropriately enough. So far I’m happy with it. I’m waiting on a few bolts to come in from McMaster to get it bolted to the chassis to do a final mock-up, then make a slot to run the wiring harness in, and start running wires for the battery harness.




Originally posted on: 04-02-2014 Finished mounting the battery box, cleaned up the battery, alternator and ignition switch wiring, and, oh yeah, dropped in the drivetrain. It’s starting to look like a car again



Originally posted on: 04-03-2014 Finished up wiring The Box, buttoned up like, a BUNCH of stuff on the engine & trans, and terminated the wiring for the master cutoff switch. I’m genuinely pleased with how the battery box came out. Not having to worry about the ECU while running or towing in the rain will be nice.


Master switch tidied up.



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