Cheap-o brake bias mods

Originally posted on 05-15-2012

I’d heard of this trick a while back and have been looking for an opportunity to try it out, and now that I’ve got like 2 months between events and the car is down (battery) and already up on jack stands, I figured it was worth a shot.

So: On to the brakes. Anyone ever wonder what kind of voodoo and witchcraft, what kind of sophisticated valves and wizardry goes on in inside your brake proportioning valves? I did. And… well, feast your eyes:


Yep, that’s it. A spring and a needle valve. No mas. Disappointing right? Regardless, take that out, and the proportioning should be linear and the front/rear balance is a LOT more even. Theoretically. The “new” modded prop valve is in the car, on Thursday I’ll go pick up some brake fluid and clear tubing and bleed the brakes. And maybe this weekend I’ll test it out some. Shouldn’t be hard to notice a difference.


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