Clutch Fail => Clutch Win!

Originally posted on: 07-19-2013

At last weekend’s test and tune, a slipping clutch came to the fore after we learned some things about what the tires do and don’t like. Considering it’s a stock, 1.6L Miata clutch that’s had nothing but Autocross duty for the last 6 or so years, I’d say it’s lived a useful life.

Since I like to upgrade rather than replace, this is finally happening:

…along with a new slave cylinder and a braided clutch line to replace the retarded @$$ Crazy Straw that Mazda uses stock. I hate that thing.

Also my 7″ Spin Werkes sold, so I’ve got a set of Real Racing 13x10s in a better offset (6″ vs 5″) that also weigh about 6lbs less than the Bassets we’re running now. 14 lb clutch & flywheel package + 6lbs lighter per corner + 2″ narrower car = win win freaking win.

Except for my wallet. It’s been in the ICU since Monday.

Originally posted on: 07-26-2013

With a little help from some friends we pulled the transmission off last night.

Having 1 guy running tool-gopher, 1 un-doing the drive-shaft and PPF, and 2 tag-teaming the transmission got it out in excellent time.

Stock clutch package: 27.6 lbs. The replacement will be ~14, and what rotating mass there is will be closer in, which is mo’ betta.

A good tip to keep your trans bolts in order:


Originally posted on: 08-08-2013 The 949Racing clutch, slave cyl, bearings & clutch line came in today. Very excite!


Compare to the 18lb 4oz stocker:


It’s actually pretty modulate-able (I just made that up…), it’s just got a much shorter throw than stock, so it’s also really easy to stall the damn thing. The solution, obviously, is more revs. Now that it’s bedded in some (took it for a short drive on my dead-end street) it’s gotten a little more manageable as well. Getting it onto the trailer will take some work, I imagine.


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