Decklid guts

Originally posted on: 06-26-2012

Decided to get busy on the rear decklid while I had an extra pair of hands to help:


The dremel came out for a couple of detailed cuts, but it was pretty crazy watching how fast that wheel deteriorated, compared to a 3″ cutting disk.


It doesn’t look like much, but the decklid is noticeably lighter now. It’s kinda deceptively heavy, especially when you have the springs in place. But between this and the cable / latch that came out, it should add up to a few pounds:



Between the trunk skin, the old latch and cable, and the key-lock, the ol’ girl lost a solid 5 pounds. There’ll be about a 1/2lb or so to go back in from the trunk-pins, but considering how little is left on the car, being able to find a chunk of weight in the “pounds” category is a solid win. It’s not the 12 lbs I’ve seen quoted elsewhere, but I also didn’t remove the hinges or the pickups for the hinges on the trunk, so that probably makes up some of the difference, but I consider that “good” useful weight. IE: I can still get in the trunk without too much fuss and use it to move gear between paddock and grid.

Hood (trunk?) pins in:


There’s actually a sheet metal “container” that has the studs the rear tail-light bolts to that was part of what got removed, as it’s integral to the “skin” of the trunk. Solution? Epoxy. It’s currently got what I had been using as a trunk-prop holding it in place while the epoxy sets overnight.



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