Hill Climb Safety Prep Part 1: Driver Gear

Originally posted on: 05-22-2014

Picked up a couple things in the last few weeks for the next fun thing (IE: SCCA SEDiv Time Trial & Hill Climb):


Mid-top boots, gloves, nomex socks & balaclava, arm restraints (open top car, no window nets, etc):


Maybe I can get 3M Duct Tape to sponsor me!

Originally posted on: 09-05-2014

Last major piece of safety gear acquired for TT / HC. I was planning on begging / borrowing a HANS from a friend, but this one came up for sale locally for utter peanuts. It’s an older model, but I took it to Downing Atlanta (ie: the people who created the HANS) to have it re-certified and get sliding tethers installed. So… new-to-me HANS device for <$200 all told (including initial purchase). Friggin. Score.








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