Hill Climb Prep Part 2: The car

Something not previously mentioned is that my car has been at my cage builder’s for a few months. He has an infant, and I have a ride for the season, so the understanding was that it’ll get done when it gets done. No worries, but, safety improvements have been happening.

Originally posted on: 09-20-2014

Did some work on the car this weekend. A lot of it was finicky fitment type stuff (make sure the front hoop firewall support doesn’t interfere with my left foot, make sure the clutch actuation isn’t affected), so not a ton big progress, but a lot of the hard stuff got done. The remaining work will be the relatively easy door bars, rear-to-front-hoop supports, and a few gussetts.

While we were there, we also did a bit of work on getting a dash cover made up. Dave had the genius idea to keep about a third of the stock dash bar to support the center ‘console’ and the steering column, and tie that into the front roll hoop.

Front hoop up top, stock dash bar bits on the bottom):


Made a cardboard template of the space available for a dash cover:


Since it was all straight lines, we cut it out of the 8×4′ sheet of ABS with a circular saw. Easy-ish. I’ll have enough ABS to make the air-dam for a proper front splitter, and a rear spoiler.
Here it is in place and taped in. Dave’s going to get a few weld-in Dzus brackets to put on the leading edge, and to make a few supports up from the front hoop to the dash cover, also with dzus tabs, so it’ll be 6 or 7 quick release fasteners holding the cover in place.


It looks better in person than in pics, but it’ll have the added bonus of helping shield the electronics from spray (much less of a concern now than it was last year, but still).

Originally posted on: 08-13-2014
1 step closer to Hill Climb for next year



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