IAT positioning

Originally posted on 05-03-2012

I finally “fixed” my IAT sensor’s position. If you’ve ever looked really closely at pictures that include my intake, you may have noticed that there’s this wiring snaking into the filter. That’s where my IAT sensor had been. Yes, very suboptimal for so many reasons, but I needed somewhere to mount it on short notice and that was the ticket. Fast forward to now when I have a little time between events to re-think a solution, and a fabricator friend of mine recommended a bulkhead fitting that would accept the 3/8″ NPT IAT sensor. It was an elegant solution as I didn’t have to go out and buy an NPT tap ($$$). Now I still needed to figure out how to mount it. Either with a bracket near the filter, or simply drill a hole in the sheet metal somewhere in the engine bay to mount the bulkhead fitting.

Or, maybe just go back in time 23 years and have Mazda drill the hole for me. Yeah! I’ll do that!!!


I don’t even remember what went in that hole, but it was FREAKING PERFECT for what I wanted to do. Pic of the bulkhead fitting installed:


And the IAT with the wiring cleaned up a little to avoid any sharp / abrasive / vibrate-ey bits:


Yes, you can hate on my Zip Tie intake tie-down, but the filter has shown exactly zero wear on it for a season and a half where it is, so suck it!


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