Mesh + TSIs

Originally posted on 09-16-2011

Mini-how-to on how to rice up a TSI:


Cut out your rice-mesh. For the corner light, I used the lens they included with it as a template



It fits! It took a little trimming to get there… obviously SOMEONE forgot to take into account the angle that the lens sits in the housing. Oh well, it’s just moderately crooked


Got all fancy and trimmed the larger bit to size properly. You’re gonna need a clamp for this bit:


I didn’t really get any pictures of doing the epoxy, but just be careful not to get it on anything that you don’t want permanently epoxied… like a cell phone for example.

Here it is done-ish (the epoxy still needs to cure)


Boom! Only kinda crooked!


It’s a Miata, it’s not supposed to be straight anyway.

I also plasti-dipped my gutted stock driver’s side turn-signal, to keep things somewhat consistent.



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