Mistakes were made

Originally posted on 09-15-2011

Been kinda busy with family and what not but I’ve had a couple things done. Fixed the alignment (mostly) to something that the cantilever slicks would like better (and not chew through our tires nearly as quickly), and started working on tidying up the last few “holes” in the nose of the car. Like a dumb@$$ I bought a single TSI for the driver’s side. That IS the most common side, to run a TSI if you were only going to run 1, except that this is my intake:

Hurr durrr.
So I posted the Driver’s side one up for sale on a local Miata forum on Saturday and had it sold about an hour later, and dropped it off at Sunday’s autox with the new happy owner. So, now I’ve got the correct one for the passenger side that’s come in, so I can bolt (yep, bolt) that up tonight.


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