More lighter.

Originally posted on: 08-19-2013

The Bassetts were boat anchors, and the offset was making the car almost 2″ wider than it needs to be.



These are 6″ backspace which I pretty much knew would be a bit too tight, but spacers are cheap. It’s a lot easier to go out than it is to bring them further in haha. Anyway, it looks like I’ll need about 1/2″ of spacer on each side, narrowing the car a total of an inch, and dropping about 20 lbs in the process. I’ll be keeping the Bassetts for eventual hill climb / TT work.

Here’s the clearancing that needs to be done to run with a 1/4″ spacer. I could run 1/2″ without doing this, but narrower = more better in autocross


We lost 36 lb (9 lb per wheel) of unsprung mass. So, that’s big, but not super seat-of-the-pants noticeable. It’s good, I’ll take it.
As a bonus, between the weight lost on the clutch and flywheel (17 lbs), and the new wheels (18 lbs on the rear axle), I’ve lost 35 lbs of rotating mass off of the driveline. So, that’ll make a difference.


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