Rear End Clunk – Fix

I cleaned the threads up with a die from Fastenal. Not perfect, but the 2 threads that weren’t brought back to brand new will be covered by the conical retaining washer (see below).


Maximum bearing deflection as delivered from FM:


Maximum deflection with the conical retaining washer. I think we may be dead on in finding the culprit:


The suspension is back together and in the car now, with fresh hardware.
I also re-epoxied the center tail-light lens back into the truck lid… apparently the first time I did it, I did a crap job.
And I finished applying some rust converter / flat black paint to a few places where I’d cut excess weight and neglected to do so prior, and touched up a couple of small surface-rust spots I was seeing.
Aaaand I got some anti seize on all the wheel studs.

I think that’s it for what we got accomplished last night. It’s amazing what you can get done over some pizza and beers with a friend when the kids are asleep in their room and your wife’s out of town.


2 thoughts on “Rear End Clunk – Fix

  1. I have the same issue with my top hats and just ordered new FM bearing. Do you recall the size of the washers you used – you mentioned conical washers. Thanks


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