ShadowDashMS: 1992 meets the 21st Century


EFI Analytics, the company that does TunerStudio / MegalogViewer (ie: all the tuning software for the Megasquirt) is currently Beta testing an Android app called Shadow Dash MS that is, as the name implies, a dashboard for the megasquirt. It works over bluetooth and pulls data directly from the MS in real time. It’s fully customizeable, but I haven’t really gotten around to playing with the config files to do that (full version will be able to do it via the GUI). It will also do logging from the MS, so you don’t need a cable to do that anymore and can do it to a tablet / phone in your pocket. IE: No more driving around with a laptop for those of you who may be into that sort of thing.

Some screen shots from my phone:




You may notice that there’s an issue with it reading wonky spark advance numbers in one of the dashboards. I’ve reported to them (beta testing yay!), but a new version apparently came out today so that may have a fix already.

Carbon fiber makes you faster:


Rough draft completed. It’s not completely “perfect” because I pretty much eyeballed it, but it’s good enough, I think, to work. Mounting it there, my “maybe too small” phone actually works damn near perfectly. I’m pleased with how it turned out, and I think it will serve my purposes very well



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