Baby Steps: Engine Update, Suspension, Interior & Electrons

I just got off the phone with the machine shop. The head pressure tested fine (ie: no cracks or pinholes), but was indeed warped. Clearly I overheated her at some point, or 1 of the head bolts stretched. They were all torqued upon removal, but alas, to be sure that doesn’t happen again, I snagged a couple of goodies from Jegs. ARP head studs & Ultra Lube + Assembly Lube for reassembling the head. This weekend I’m going to get the old head gasket shmeng off of the block, and then it’ll be time to reassemble the head and get it back to its home.


As you can imagine, the engine’s feeling a bit blue at the moment…

(awful, awful joke)

Because I clearly couldn’t put the engine back together yet, I went ahead and tackled a few of the smaller items. I did a little fettling and fitting on the suspension bushings for the rear lower control arms, as they were binding big-time (no real pictures to show there), and started getting the interior and the car’s brain-box put back together. I’ve got the battery back in place and connected, and re-ran the wires for the charger so it doesn’t run dry. All that’s left there is to secure the ECU to the wiring harness and secure all that to the box and that should be set.

Because I got fed up with tripping over it constantly, I went ahead and put the seat into the car. BONUS! I got to sit in it and make Vroom Vroom noises! (and also see what the eyelines for the gauges & what not would look like. After almost putting 1 of the studs for the dead-pedal through my foot, I also put that back in (safety third…).


I’m not sure if that’s the location I’m going to go with, or if it’ll be down towards the steering column supports, but that’s basically what I had in mind for the shift light.


And I have GOT to re-arrange that wiring (or maybe just cut it shorter) for the kill switch…


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