Instrumentation & Data Logging

As previously discussed, I’m using an old phone (Samsung Nexus S) for instrumentation and ECU data logging. Once I got the electronics box squared away, and figured out a good way to secure the lid (because the strap that came with it was just the worst… ratchet straps ftw!), I moved on to sorting out where my instrumentation would go and make a few mods so that I could actually power it from the car, instead of constantly worrying about draining the battery.

I picked up a motorcycle 12v to 5v USB power converter that has a handy SAE / Battery Tender port at the battery end, and a water-tight USB port on the other. The gray box in the middle attached to the kill-switch wiring is the converter. You can see the lid to cover the USB port just behind the dash cover support, as well as the routing of the short USB cable to the phone.


This is the phone cradle. I can use a zip tie at each end to keep the phone secured so we don’t have any wandering electronics. I don’t think it’ll really NEED it, but it’ll make me feel better. It takes a good deal of effort to pry it out, but it’ll give me piece of mind. The cradle was an open source design I used and modified to give it a solid back with 1/8″ holes to use for rivets, and had 3D printed last year.  As you can see, I also mocked up the LED shift light in what I believe will be its final resting location:


And here’s what it’ll look like from the driver’s seat. I really only want to see the shift light in my periphery. In an autocross car, the actual gauges are usually more an in grid affair. That it’s visible is gravy. I MAY move the phone to mount it more centered up, but I wasn’t sure I’d have room to put the shift light where I wanted.


And here’s the SAE plug for the converter, now idle due to the Battery Tender being plugged in.


EDIT: the ‘dash’ placement has already bugged me enough to fix it.


EDIT#2: I got a few questions about glare and keeping the screen out of the sun. I threw the dash cover so you can see that unless the sun is pretty low and directly to my back, it shouldn’t be an issue (and if it’s directly to my back, it’ll be in the driver’s shadow). It should do a pretty good job of keeping it mostly in the shade.



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