Hill Climb Safety Prep: Part 2

I scored a couple of important safety items for Christmas to meet SCCA Hill Climb (and my own…) safety standards.

A set of Post Anchors to round out the HANS set up.


An IO Port Racing Seat Back Brace was also received, and this SHOULD be, if I’m reading the regs correctly, the last required safety item (save finding a location for the fire bottle and getting the re-webbed harnesses back from GForce Racing) on the list. These are basically Universal / Modify to fit pieces, so a little work had to be done. First find where I wanted the bolts on the front side of the seat. After some measuring, I drilled pilot holes in the seat and then used those to mark hole locations on the backing plate. Going through the big gusset made sense to me for the added material thickness & strength:


After the bolts were secured, a hole had to be drilled to secure the tube that connects the backing plate to the roll cage mount. This also gave me an excuse to use my new-to-me stand-up drill press. It’s so much nicer, and has so much less runout than then Horrible Freight special I have, and far easier to adjust.


I like the IO Port brace because of ease of removal. I can keep it 100% intact, and with 6 bolts remove it, as drivers of various sizes drive the car at autocrosses during the season, so having the adjustability there helps. 4 bolts at the cage side, and 2 on the seat, and the whole thing comes off. I WILL need to get longer bolts at the seat, however, as the ones it came with are a bit short, but that’s a small matter. Might as well upgrade to Stainless Steel as well while I’m at it, as those won’t rust nearly as easily as the zinc coated pieces. You can also see where we bent the wings of the brace to more closely match the angle of the seat back in this photo:


And as a Public Service Announcement, since temps are dropping:



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