Boys and Their Toys

For me, half the fun of a race car is the build and tuning. The more tools in the toolbox (toys in the toybox?), the better. On that note, I’ve recently picked up a few new “really ought to have” workshop toys. A buddy was getting rid of some tools, so I snagged a folding engine hoist and an engine stand:


I also picked up some Cleco fasteners. These things make riveting pieces of metal together SO easy. I’ve known about them for a while, just haven’t taken the plunge for a variety of reasons. The time finally came, and they’re already making quick work of installing a couple of dzus fasteners to connect the corner of the bumper to the front fenders where we cut off a captive-nut tab to fit the 15x10s.




I also used my new tools to build a new tool with which to store my new tools. Inspired by a PHOTO posted by a FB friend, I was thinking of where in the shop these should live, and that solution was better than anything I’d come up with.


And lastly, Harbor Freight had a sale on 1000 lb furniture dollies. I added 18″ lengths of 2×6 pine to make a platform, and will use them as alignment stands. I still need to add stops at the front and rear to prevent the car rolling off of them, but for the price I’m pretty damn pleased with them.



Oh, you might notice that the car’s on its wheels. This weekend, we got suspension suspended, the wheels on, the hood on (needs to be adjusted a little more), seat back brace removed (as it’s unneeded for Solo), front tow hook installed, and the bumper removed for the aforementioned project. Progress!


On a COMPLETELY unrelated note apropos of nothing: you know who didn’t think that “transmission bellhousing bolts” might just be the perfect hardware to bolt an engine stand to the threaded bell-housing bolt holes on an engine block? This guy. I was trying all kinds of jerry rigged shit when I realized “These are threaded… I have a bunch of bolts that will almost fit those threads… oh, look at that. Bellhousing bolts totally fit on the bellhousing bolt holes on the block. WHO KNEW!?”



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