The To-Do List is getting shorter.

I got to spend a few hours working on the car today and got much done. With some help (electrons and I don’t really get along), the shift light and oil pressure warning light were wired up and mounted on the dash. The wiring still needs to be cleaned up, and I need an NPT > Metric fitting for the sender, but you get the idea. I’m kind of surprised (and amused) at just how naked it looks without that dash panel. It really does tie the whole thing together.


Lo and behold, it starts to look like a car again! I still have the interior of 1 door to paint, then the outer skin of the doors will get wrapped and numbers, and then they can get hung on the car. I’m starting to get close. Once the doors are on, I’ll start playing with the ride heights and alignment. I guess I could eyeball it and then dial it in once the rest of the body work is on, but I don’t see much sense in basically doing the job twice.


And now I can do this!

The shift light was not yet calibrated at that time, but it made it easier to show the light off without zinging the car up to near-redline.

Now that it’s set up, the 1st light comes on at 3750 (right about where it needs to be to launch the car), the last + flash happens at 7250. It currently revs to 7750, but it’s a stock 1.6, and isn’t really doing much up there. Useful to have a few extra revs sometimes in autocross, but it’s not always needed. I also set it up to give a stall warning, which is useful with a 5lb flywheel and you’re trying to get the car you just spun back up and running. It seems like it would be obvious, but it isn’t always. Now I’ll get the 1st two and the last 2 LEDs lit up if the car goes from running to not running without the ignition being interrupted. It’s a neat bit of kit.

Oh, I almost forgot! I had it moving under its own power as well. To get to my buddy’s shop to do the electrical work, the car obviously needed some help, but it got out of the shop and up on the trailer under its own power.



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