Wiring clean up & Dash Lights test

I finished wiring up the oil pressure warning light, then cleaned up & loomed the wiring under the dash. I have also cleaned up that big loop of wiring for the master switch behind the center stack. Braided loom is a hell of a lot easier to work with than split loom, but it’s still a pain in the ass lol. At least it’s a whole lot cleaner and better supported compared to the previous video a couple posts ago.

The oil pressure light is that red LED on the right near the master switch. It comes on with the switched 12v from the ignition, then shuts off as soon as the engine fires and builds pressure. Hopefully, that light never shines while the engine is running, as that would be a Bad Thing.

The startup sequence on the LED tacho = giggles.
You’ll note the lights are still coming on way early. In 1 way it worked out because I didn’t have to zing the motor to 7k+ after 9pm to test it out, but I couldn’t figure out why it hadn’t taken the setup I gave it last time. I went back through and checked and the lower and upper light points were still set correctly, so something else was up. Turns out it was running a configuration expecting a signal from a COP system, not a wasted spark / dashboard tach signal. That’s now fixed.


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