Vinyl Wrapped Doors + Reassembly

With the rest of the car looking about as good as it’s ever looked, the doors were a very, very, VERY sore spot. They’ve been primer gray since before I bought them (the original doors were in good enough shape to sell once these came along already half cut up), and it is high time we do something about that.

Step 1 was to remove all the old vinyl decals from the prep the door and apply a couple coats of paint to the interior to match the rest of the car:


After that, we went over the exterior with Goo Gone to get all of the vinyl residue and most of the cone scuffs off:


From there, it was a learning process, but the current generation of vinyl wrap material is an absolute dream to work with. The passenger side door went first, and we learned a few valuable lessons there and made a few mistakes, but once we got the amount of heat to use dialed in, it went very quickly and very well. The mistakes we made should be easily “fixed” by putting other decals over them. The driver’s side door took about half the time, and came out looking even better. The material used was about 5′ x 10′ of Avery SW900 Wrap Vinyl in Gloss Black Metallic.


The nice thing about vinyl is if you make a mistake, it’s very easy to fix it. Here you can see where we didn’t leave enough overlap (lessons learned!) and fixed it with a strip of scrap. You can see the seam (top of the door, all the way at the left) in the pictures, and up close, but unless you knew to look for it, it blends in very nicely. This is also a good look at the interior of the completed door:


And the completed exterior:


After the wrap job, it was a matter of hanging and lining up the doors, cutting out the exterior door releases and installing them, and then getting the car back on the ground. The wrap is a pretty near match to the stock paint, maybe a shade or 2 off, but BOY does it look better than the primer that was there before:



Of course, a race car ain’t a race car if it ain’t got numbers. My buddy Barry Duncan (the BD in does fantastic work, and I’m happy to have his name on the car. If you need any manner of Vinyl or Magnet done, Barry’s your guy. Tell him I sent you!


I…may be using some of these to mask other imperfections *innocent whistle*


A little bit of good advice can go a very long way:


And for when you need to get out quick, fast and in a f**kin’ hurry:


Barry even does magnets. I already had some so I figured I could put a new graphic over the decals I have for Hill Climb use. I… didn’t do a great job, but course workers probably won’t care when it’s on its way up the hill. These cover up the “DP”


And finally, here it is in its resplendent glory: