VVT Swap – Part 1

As previously discussed, since the minimum weight for a 1.6 is now pretty well out of reach, there’s no good reason not to run a 1.8 motor. Instantly more powerful, and it adds some “useful” weight that I won’t have to add as ballast later. So if i’m dropping in a 1.8, I’m going to drop in a VVT motor.

And with that, this weekend saw a friend and I driving to Greenville, SC to pick up a motor:


Followed by, in a sight that is becoming all too common, some heavy disassembly.


Everything that needs to be disconnected, removed or otherwise f**ked off, has done so. Now it’s just a matter of pulling the 1.6L and swapping a bunch of the mods (coolant, clutch, etc etc) to the new motor, then adapting the wiring to incorporate the NB 1.8 crank pickup and cam sensor, add on the VVTuner, and get back to running this car sometime this season. What a novel concept.

There’s so much room for activities!



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