Stuck Stud Removal in 7 Easy Steps!

In the process of removing the exhaust studs to replace them with more-better (it’s a word!) ones, I came across one that was completely, inextricably stuck. No amount of jam-nuts, lock washers and wrenches was able to bust it loose.

So, how do you remove a stuck stud from a head?

1. Go to home depot to get some wiring supplies, breakers, outlets and plugs.
2. Hit up Harbor Freight for a welding table and welder, and assemble them.
3. Wire up a new 240v outlet on a dedicated breaker.


4. Make sure you didn’t let the magic smoke out, and test that you’ve got power:


5. Learn how to weld. This is an important step. I HAD been planning on doing the “take a few classes at a trade school” route, but sometimes, you need to figure out how to do something right now. There’s a ton of YouTube videos out there that’ll give you primers, but simply cowboying up and digging in seems to work pretty well. I ran a handful of practice beads to make sure everything was as expected and get used to how the mask & welder work.

6. MELT STEEL! Wield fire and lightning like a Norse God.
The important takeaway here is that it takes a bit more heat to get a stud & nut good and hot than it does a couple of 1/8″ plates. It took a few tries, but once I got it dialed in, I filled the nut and spot-welded it a couple places on the back.


7. Leverage. Once I had the nut properly on there, an 18″ breaker bar got it out with no problem. The stud was a bit boogered, so I chased the threads with a tap, and made sure a non-boogered-up stud would thread in without issue. Boom. Done.


And just like that you too can remove a stuck stud from a head!  Now, surely there’s something else around here that I need to zap together…

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