Another Wrecked Engine – Part Dos

The guy I bought this motor from is going to buy it back. Thankfully. Because I have no use for this engine right now. I’ve already got another one sourced locally. Then again a bunch of parts will need to be swapped around and it should be good to drop in. Hopefully.

This is what I pulled off of the piston tops (ie: this was in the combustion chambers):


Garbage. Anyway, I figured out the solution to another problem: ie: how to pull out the oil filter pipe nipples so that I can swap the short one from the 1.6 motor in for the long one from the 1.8, since I’m deleting that silly stock oil cooler. Mostly out of necessity, since most of the cooling stuff is going bye bye for the reroute. Harbor freight sells a kit w/ 4 or 5 of them in various sizes for like $8


Also, a buddy sold me his parts washer + 10gal of Mineral Spirits for $25 to get it out of his garage. It’s got the pump & everything. Win!


So, I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.


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