Dzus All the Things!

…or at least, the bumper. More.

Now that the engine is in, and I’m waiting for the wiring harness work to be completed, I took a little time for a side project I’d wanted to do for a while. Removing the bumpers on these is a pain in the @$$ due to a few things, but mainly due to the 2 studs on each side that can only be tightened from underneath the fender. Since I had a welder, some dzus fasteners, some fenders and some time, it was time to break out the grinding wheels. And since I’d recently converted the welder over to a MIG configuration, I wanted to get some practice before working on the exhaust.

These are the studs in question:


A little gentle massaging with a cutting disk and a sanding drum to clean everything up, and you’re left with a smooth surface on the inside of the bumper skin:



After putting the bumper on to mock up the position of the Dzus fastener:


And the finished product, after painting over the welds and cleaning up the overspray with mineral spirits:




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