She runs! Holy crap she f**king runs!!!

Man did it take some work to get to this point. Over the course of the last week, we’ve (myself and very helpful friends) had:

  1. A fuel leak at the #4 injector (had to take off the top half of the intake manifold to correct it)
  2. A fuel leak at the fuel pump feed hard-line in the engine bay.
  3. A mis-routed fuel feed line that was feeding the regulator, instead of the fuel rail feed.
  4. The coils were wired backwards.
  5. The timing belt was off by a tooth.
  6. Another fuel leak at injector #3 (off came the manifold again…)
    and finally:
  7. An empty fuel tank, because of the various leaks.

But once we finally set the last thing right, she fired right up.

I still need to put some semblance of an alignment on it, finish mounting the ECU and VVTuner, and sort out a couple other odds and ends but I may actually get to run it this weekend. I don’t know what’s real anymore!


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