ECU & Battery Relocation: Part 2

The new engine required a slightly re-configured ECU, and the addition of a VVTuner, DIYAutoTune’s variable valve timing controller. Because of the added hardware, the electronics-box solution I put together last year no longer was workable. So some thinking was required.

And here’s what I came up with: get the battery out of the box! Genius, right? Sort of. Fortunately, I run an AGM battery, so I don’t actually have to have it inside a vented box. But the battery tie-downs were also what secured the battery-box to the floor. The battery was all the way next to the transmission tunnel, which left just enough room to fit the battery box (sans battery) between the battery and the passenger side door bars of the cage. I decided to use the Megasquirt as the “tie down” for the box, and bolted it (on a set of rubber isolators / risers) through the floor, sandwiching the floor of the battery box in place. Next was the VVTuner. I wasn’t SUPER happy with the amount of surface area on the wall of the box the bolts holding the ECU had to work with, so I broke out some counter-sunk washers to give the fasteners on that side a much larger footprint.

Here’s the current setup (forgive the mess, between the battery tender and the ECU and VVTuner tuning cables, it was a bit of a rats nest on the floor):




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