First Event!

Ok, ok, it’s not my first event in the car, obviously, but it was the first event since…almost 2 years ago. It’s been a LONG road.

In any event, the first event back was a bit of a mixed bag, because holy crap my driving was abysmal. I chalk that up to a variety of factors, the biggest of those being that I was 100% concerned about the car, and hardly thinking about the course or the driving itself. And unfortunately this affected my co-driver because in making sure nothing was on fire after my first run (there was the typical paint & oils burning off smoke & smell) I ended up forgetting to pin 3 of the 4 hood pins. No harm done, other than him blowing his 1st and only real dry run.

That said, the main takeaways are these:

  1. It fired right up upon arriving at the site.
  2. It ran flawlessly for 8 runs w/ 2 drivers in dry and wet conditions.
  3. It drove onto the trailer under its own power.
  4. In what I think was the biggest test of all, she was towed home in an absolute downpour on my open trailer, and fired and ran without issue upon our arrival. The weatherproofing works, and that is a very good thing.
  5. With the VVT motor, even running the “safe” tune that it’s on, this. thing. SCOOTS. Adding water to that made for some excitement, but boy was it fun!

Here’s a video of 1 of the runs:

Here’s a video of several of my failures (my 1st run was clean…and I didn’t turn the camera on because I was thinking of EVERYTHING ELSE).

And here are a few photos from our region’s photog, Jeffrey Ling @ Lucidworks Photography:


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