Bench Grinder Pedestal Build

Due to rapidly decreasing workbench space, I wanted to get the bench grinder off as it was the easiest thing to get out of the way. Because this? This is unsustainable.  Ideally I’d be able to get to both sides of the bench, but I don’t have that kind of space. Yet.



I stumbled over a video a while back that suggested using an old truck or trailer wheel and tire as the base to keep the vibrations at bay. It seemed like a good enough idea to at least give it a shot. Over the last few weeks with a little help from friends in low places with access to VERY cool toys, I’ve been putting together the pieces from a CAD design I put together. The main components are: a base for the bench grinder, with holes pre-cut, gussets for that, a “wheel adapter” with the 5 on 4-1/2″ bolt pattern pre-cut, and gussets, and then a 2.5″ OD tube as the stand.



All of the flat pieces were laser cut out of 1/4″ (wheel adapter and grinder base) & 3/16″ (gussets) steel, and the tube was cut true at 90° at both ends to make my life easier.



The first tasks were to determine where the center of each of the large plates is to center up the tube. I used a set of calipers to scribe the circle (1 1/4″ radius) on each plate to give me a reference once the tube was in place:





A 90° magnet helped hold the tube in place on the marks.



A bit of welding…



And then I needed to find the centers between the bolt holes for the gussets.



And then a bit of massaging on the 90° corner of each gusset to clear the weld beads:



Gratuitous discoloration pr0n:



And finally, the pedestal fully welded out.



After a coat of paint and a few nuts and bolts, and it works perfectly. On the work bench, it would vibrate so bad that items on the bench would fall off, especially on long sessions on the grinder or wire wheel. Now the rubber tire absorbs all the vibrations. It’s probably overkill, something big and flat (an old flywheel, big truck brake drum or disk, etc.) would work too, but it definitely won’t beat up the floor.


Fun in the Workshop day

Today I:

Made a bracket / hook to keep the coolant re-route on the race car from chafing on the intake manifold support bolt heads and bracket.


Cleaned up the diff mount brackets to install the Delrin lowers to compliment the Delrin uppers.



Modded the old Horrible Freight press. Made the release operable w/o the handle, tacked the handle’s 2 parts together, and added a ring to hook a bungee to so the handle reciprocates. More of a fun ‘playing with the welder’ project, came out alright though.