Trailer Spare Tire Mount

I plan in the future to put a Weight Distributing hitch on the tow pig. The trailer has the appropriate equipment for it, but the spare tire sat directly in front of one of the trailer mounts, and also in the way when securing the front tie-downs for the car.

After a few measurements, it was clear that it would fit inside the C-Channel that makes up the frame. So I drilled 4 holes for the mount, climbed underneath the trailer on the wet driveway, and hooked up the mount. EASY! ….except that the tire interfered with the frame enough that the wheel studs didn’t even touch the rear-face of the wheel. So, back to the drawing board. A couple mock ups later with some angle iron, and it became clear that the upper and lower lips of the c-channel is bent pretty severely outwards, so welding in angle iron to those lips would lead to some seriously cattywampus fitup, so that was out. Some more chin scratching and  measuring, and I figured out that a couple of leftover pieces of 2×2 box section from the trailer ramp storage project would sit against the flat face of the C-Channel perfectly, and give me a great place to drill holes for the mount. After some cleanup work with the angle grinder, and backing the trailer partially into the workshop so the welder would reach, the box section got stitched into place:



A little work with the drill and some paint:



A few M10 nuts & bolts:



And she’s on!




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