Trailer Fuel Jug Carrier

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and now that The Dragon nears, I really need to get to it because there aren’t any fuel stops on the Hill. Having fuel on hand is going to be a must.

I bought a VP Fuel Jug many moons ago for keeping the race car topped up. Now it needs a home on the trailer.

The first challenge would be getting the trailer into the workshop. The shop is at the bottom of a steep hill, that also has a slight rise as you enter the shop to keep water out. The trailer bottoms out not far from the base of that rise. I ended up using a pair of wheel dollies under the rear frame rail of the trailer so that it would ride them up the rise into the shop. That was definitely an interesting experiment that I still can’t believe worked as well as it did.  At least now working on the trailer will be a good deal easier.


Since I plan, still, to add a winch to the trailer, I wanted to keep whatever I made below the frame & deck level so that with the fuel jug removed, a winch cable could be played out.

I had some 1″ box tubing kicking around the shop, and that seemed like the perfect took for the job. The 2″ wide tongue member makes a good base for the jug to rest on.


A quick test-fit to help determine where the ratchet strap tie points need to go:


I used a pair of chain links cut a little longer than in half for the tie downs. D-rings on swivels on the side of the tubing would be moderately better. If it bugs me on my first outing with it (this weekend), the chain links will get lopped off and replaced.




EDIT: I’ve already cut off my chain-link tie downs as there wasn’t enough room between the tie-downs and the fuel jug to get the hooks out effectively. I swung by Home Depot Racing Supply and picked up a set of D-ring tie downs, and cut the ‘legs’ off so that the D-rings would swing through the vertical axis instead of the horizontal, and will swing out of the way so the hooks can far more easily be removed.


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