LiFePO & First Start

After last season, the old ATV / lawn tractor battery was getting a bit long in the tooth (and in the start…). Battery tech has made huge leaps over the last 5 years, and the trickle-down from that has been absolutely astonishing. Where I used to put up with 120 CCA out of the ETX-9 because it was, at the time, lightweight and fairly affordable, for not much more money I can have something that weighs 1/2 as much and puts out 3x the CCA.

I went ahead and snagged a Battery Tender 360 CCA LiFePO to see if the new tech was all that it’s cracked up to be. I clearly have little long-term experience with it, but near term, man does it get the engine fired up quickly.

The other big advantage?


Less than half the weight. It almost feels like a toy.

A couple small tweaks to the battery tie down bracket were needed as we took advantage of a notch in the ETX-9 to locate it on the bracket that the Battery Tender doesn’t have. Fortunately its footprint is marginally smaller, so the already cramped space for the battery wasn’t a hindrance.

And with that, a small milestone was reached. On January 18th, the race car cranked up for the first time this year putting me miles ahead of where I’ve been in the past.  The alternator / WP belt needed a bit of an adjustment (something I’d forgotten it needed at the end of last year then forgotten), but now she should be good to go.

It’s been a minute since my last update, but I’ve been making a bit of a mess in the workshop during the offseason.

More to come on that later.


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