Electric Power Steering Conversion – Part 4

Man, it’s so good. The adjustments are pretty darn sensitive. We spent the first 6 or so runs dialing out a little bit at a time until we got to the point where the previous spot was better and dialed it back up that notch.
Video won’t show much, but being able to make fine adjustments was a nice change of pace… it went from having to be muscled around the course to finally being able to have soft hands on the wheel.

All in all: if your class allows it, or if you’ve got a street car without PS, this is a great bit of kit 😀


2 thoughts on “Electric Power Steering Conversion – Part 4

  1. I’m looking into converting my car to EPS, though, i’m taking on a bigger project because im designing an entire suspension system which is a huge project in itself. One of the issues I thought of right away was if the steering racks would hold up to being powered though the input shaft vs their normal hydraulic system. I was looking at some various racks from Sweet Manufacturing and asked them if running a EPS on top of them would work. Unfortunately, as these phone calls out of the blue typically are, the conversation was not very detailed. But, the guy from sweet totally did not recommend it saying that there is going to be too much force on the gear and that my application is too heavy for it. Now, this for their rack, which i believe is for light weight race cars and who knows who this guy even was. But I think its something to consider when taking on a conversion project like this.


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