Trailer – Fuel Jug Storage

I finally got sick of dealing with the shortcomings of the VP racing jugs and their tiny air vents, leading to it taking forever to drop a few gallons of fuel into the car. While I don’t need to do F1 pit stops or anything, some of the TT style events I’ve been running have fairly quick turn-around time between sessions (*especially* with a co-driver), and so cutting a few minutes off of that will be helpful.

So I upgraded to a pair of Hunsaker Quick-fill dump cans:


The Hunsaker jugs are a bit squatter than the VPs and so they won’t fit in the old VP fuel jug rack (something like 12-1/4″ vs 10″-ish for the VP) so a new solution needed to be made.

Time to break out the saws and scrap steel.


And the welder…


Add a couple coats of paint and call it good.


I’ve gotta say, having some light in the trailer makes a MASSIVE difference. It’s a damn sight better than working in there after hours with a drop light.


Trailer Vise

I got a dumb idea for a useful thing that I just couldn’t shake until I built the thing, so I built the damn thing.
It occurred to me that having a vise in the trailer for “break it ’til it’s fixed” type work could be a useful thing to have. But I don’t have a really good place to store it, much less somewhere I’d be able to really hammer on stuff without breaking whatever it was bolted to.

I realized that my truck weighs 6,000 lbs, tows almost 7,000 lbs regularly, and has a 2″ square hole at the back that takes readily available, cheap, off-the-shelf hitches.

The prototype stage involved a trip to Harbor Freight. One small bench vise, one 2″ trailer hitch, and one small ATV receiver hitch to wall mount for storage.


I had to cut the top (depending on which way you flip it…) corner off the ball-mount portion so it didn’t interfere with the wall when in storage:


A bit of plate, a band saw, a drill press and a disk sander gets you a nice little mount for the vise:


A little welding:


I welded a plate to the back of the ATV receiver so I’d have somewhere to drill into a wall-stud in the trailer:


It occurred to me that the D-ring on the wall mount would be a handy spot to hang a sledge hammer from. Because you always need a sledge hammer.


And finally, here it is in its ‘deployed’ configuratoin: