Forums come and forums go, and 1 of the main ones I’m on is on the way out. I’d been documenting my build there and will probably continue to do so, however I wanted to have somewhere a bit more permanent that I could manage myself that didn’t rely, as much, on someone else’s dodgy equipment. So, here we are. My very own, half-assed D Prepared Miata built.

If you choose to read and / or follow, you’ll see all of my mistakes, all the silly decisions I make, and to an extent, how I come to the decisions that are made. There is some fail, but there’s also some win, because while it won’t be a championship winning car for some time (kids are expensive, see), it is a damn, DAMN fun car. Maybe you’ll take some ideas away for your own build, maybe you’ll laugh at a rank amateur flailing away at this project in his workshop as he teaches himself some basic fabrication skills. No matter your reason for reading, I hope you enjoy it.



1003071_505640136187314_1362374018_n[1]photo credit AutoxPix.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Andrew, John here from the Dragon Hillclimb

    Any chance you could shoot me a schematic of what you did with your ignition/starter/fuel pump setup?

    Any other wiring harness tips would be appreciated.

    I’m knee deep in a spaghetti bucket of wires – but so far everything still runs…



    • John, thanks for stopping by on the Hill!
      As for the schematics: No.
      I am, as far as electronics goes, pretty much useless. Given that, and that it’s fairly important to the car working properly, I farmed that out to a buddy who is an EE, and has wired up a few race cars. I’ll have to see what documentation I have, but I wouldn’t be able to draw up, or even really talk you through, what’s on my car. Sorry about that.


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