Forums come and forums go, and 1 of the main ones I’m on is on the way out. I’d been documenting my build there and will probably continue to do so, however I wanted to have somewhere a bit more permanent that I could manage myself that didn’t rely, as much, on someone else’s dodgy equipment. So, here we are. My very own, half-assed D Prepared Miata built.

If you choose to read and / or follow, you’ll see all of my mistakes, all the silly decisions I make, and to an extent, how I come to the decisions that are made. There is some fail, but there’s also some win, because while it won’t be a championship winning car for some time (kids are expensive, see), it is a damn, DAMN fun car. Maybe you’ll take some ideas away for your own build, maybe you’ll laugh at a rank amateur flailing away at this project in his workshop as he teaches himself some basic fabrication skills. No matter your reason for reading, I hope you enjoy it.



1003071_505640136187314_1362374018_n[1]photo credit AutoxPix.com

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Andrew, John here from the Dragon Hillclimb

    Any chance you could shoot me a schematic of what you did with your ignition/starter/fuel pump setup?

    Any other wiring harness tips would be appreciated.

    I’m knee deep in a spaghetti bucket of wires – but so far everything still runs…



    • John, thanks for stopping by on the Hill!
      As for the schematics: No.
      I am, as far as electronics goes, pretty much useless. Given that, and that it’s fairly important to the car working properly, I farmed that out to a buddy who is an EE, and has wired up a few race cars. I’ll have to see what documentation I have, but I wouldn’t be able to draw up, or even really talk you through, what’s on my car. Sorry about that.


  2. Would you be able to make me some sliders like you have for your kirkey setup? I would need driver and passenger. If will make them can you email me a price for them. I really want to keep my sliders and my wife and I will use the car for autox next season


    • Scott, I’d need to have the seat here because, even within each model, different versions made at different times have different contours. I might be able to be talked into it if you’re an Atlanta local, but if not, you could definitely reach out to a local race prep shop and show them the pictures as a starting point to build from. It’s a pretty simple fab job, just time consuming to get everything right in the car.


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