Trailer Ramp Storage

My trailer was built up from a modified RV chassis, and not built from the ground up as a car hauler. As such, it’s never had a very good solution for ramp storage. The previous owner would toss them into the bed of his truck, which worked, but in the passenger compartment of an SUV it becomes problematic. I’ve come up with a few kludged solutions of varying levels of success, the latest of which had the ramps stowed between the decks, above the frame. I had some angle-iron to retain them at the front, and a ratchet strap that involved me getting underneath the race car’s hot muffler to secure them. It worked (most of the time…) but it was sub optimal.

With the offseason in full force, the time was right to fix this properly.

After a few mockups, it was apparent that the ramps could fit below the frame & above the axle tubes. Any higher  puts the retaining rains at risk of hitting the car while loading, and any lower reduces ground clearance and would also probably involve cutting into 1 or 2 of the frame rails.

The first order of business was to pre-fab a pair of rails for the ramps to live in. I made them out of 6.5′ lengths of 2″ steel angle iron, and 1-1/2″ bar to tie them together. They’ll be hung from the frame by lengths of 2″ box tubing.



A buddy allowed me to use his shop’s lift to do the welding, so that I wouldn’t be doing it on my back in the garage, which helped a lot. If you need any work done in the Athens / Winder area, give Ken at OTP Automotive a shout. After a lot of mockup, grinding off old paint and other general unpleasantnesses, the rails were hung. The ramps will be secured at the rear by a set of d-rings, and a couple lengths of angle iron at the front, and the frame rails above them ensure they can’t bounce high enough to hurt anything important.





And as always, a coat of paint to keep the rust at bay.