2014: The year of the Kart: Coolant ReRoute pt 1.5

The car was not running as cool as I like because the fan was taking too long to come on. My theory at this point is that the temp switch for the fan is simply not seeing much coolant in the thermostat delete.


Given that, a buddy proposed whipping up a thermostat housing delete, and putting the switch in there. To test this theory, he did it in his car and had positive results, so he sent one my way. A lot of people put a freeze plug in where the t-stat neck went, which is fine, but the coolant sensor has to go somewhere (we could run the fan off the ECU, but that takes some hardware upgrades I don’t feel like doing at this point).That’s the easiest place. He also sent me a ‘surprise’ he threw together from something he had sitting on his shelf. Already threaded to go on the shifter 😀


Once the car comes back from the cage builder, I’ll be digging into the cooling system yet again, hopefully for the last time for a while, to get this installed.


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